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Welcome to Omni.ONE

Welcome to Omni.ONE! Let us introduce ourselves to all our current and future customers out there we know once you come to us for any tech needs you will never go anywhere else. We supply you with a tech solution for your every need. Omni.ONE is made up of a group of companies that supply an all-in-one technology solution to end users for every situation or profession. Laptops/tablets, peripherals & accessories, software, internet connectivity, warranties & insurance. One solution to help everyone. Think of any technical problem you have, Omni.ONE has the solution for it.

Omni.ONE is the solution to all your tech needs. We provide technology bundles for your every need, for the beginner user, for Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney Plus fanatics, for the whole family, for every student and professional, and let’s not forget about the serious gamers out there.

We supply laptops/tablets , peripherals and accessories supplied by Lenovo,Hikvision,Viewsonic and Pantum. We also supply sim cards with anytime bundles at amazing prices and mobile routers supported by MTN. Software for your computer or Laptop custom designed by Omni.ONE,1-year warranty for your new laptop, as well as technical insurance for all your valuable hardware.

Omni.ONE will give you the best value for your money in terms of all your technological needs. Think of Omni.ONE as your go-to tech company. We offer you anything you need from buying your device, repairing it, connecting it, and insuring it, what more can you ask for?

Where can you repair or service your Laptop? Omni.ONE.

Where can you buy low-cost data to connect your Laptop? Omni.ONE.

Where can you Insure your laptop? Omni.ONE.

Where can you buy all your technical devices for your business? Omni.ONE.

We have the answers to all your tech needs and questions.

Omni.ONE gives you everything you need. We know how important it is to stay up to date with all your technological devices and to stay connected, we also know how important it is to insure and repair your Laptop because accidents happen.

Follow all our social media pages, which you can find at the top and bottom of our website. Keep up to date with our blog for all exciting things to come and keep an eye out for our bi-weekly newsletter.

Omni.ONE has you covered!

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